Eire Artisan Pies

Vegan Chickpea & Lentil PieEire Pies are created out of a love and respect for quality Australian produce. Fresh ingredients are usually sourced from local producers.

The pies are made by hand, from the meats which are diced, to the rich thick sauces and buttery, flaky pastry. Being hand-made also means that no two Eire Pies will ever look exactly the same, a true sign of genuine artisan food.

Uncooked and snap frozen to seal in the quality, Eire Pies can be taken straight from your freezer and cooked fresh in your oven in only 20 minutes.

The Eire Pie promise is not just a rewarding taste sensation but a real feeling of comfort and warmth, evoking happy memories of days gone by.

The Eire Pies Range:

For a list of places where you can buy frozen Eire Pies, see our list of stockists!